SMc Interim Assessments Reports

The SMc Curriculum interim assessment provides data available to districts in a variety of formats ranging from as simple as raw student data in a spreadsheet to a detailed strand analysis by student and/or teacher. A sample strand report for a high school student, which provides feedback in all 8 reporting categories, is shown below. Additional reports will be available that show individual and full class growth throughout the year by domain/cluster.

SMc Curriculum’s full-time interim assessment team works one-on-one with districts to create reports specific to the needs of the district. Customized reports and training with schools is provided both in-district and offsite.

If you would like more information on how to provide meaningful math interim assessment data for your teachers while providing a tool to meet Senate Bill 290 requirements, please contact Shannon McCaw, SMc Curriculum Assessment Developer.

Sample Reports

Download Sample Report – Students best scores

Download Sample Report – Students historical report

Download Sample Report – Students last scores

Download Sample Report – Students target report