Standards Alignment and High School Essential Skills

The SMc Curriculum interim assessments were developed based on the Common Core State Standards for Grades 3-8. For high school, the assessment was based on the overlap of the 2009 Oregon High School Math standards and the assessable 2010 High School Common Core State Standards (CCSS) of Mathematics. Students in the Class of 2019 may be (pending state decision-making) the first group of students held accountable for the full rigor of the Common Core State Standards and the SMc Curriculum interim assessment will adjust to this level of rigor once a clear description of that level is defined. The SMc Curriculum interim assessment for high school may also be used as a district-approved local option assessment per OAR 581-022-0615: Assessment of Essential Skills, as revised in June 2011, which defines the process for districts that choose to administer a local assessment option for students to demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills.